BCB Catholic School Council- Elections

Our school will be holding the Catholic School Council election in person on Tuesday October 3rd at 6:30 pm in the school library.  All parents/guardians interested in becoming a member of our catholic school council need to submit a nomination form.


Parents/guardians of a child/ren at BCB are eligible to self-nominate or nominate another parent/guardian of a child at this school to be a voting member of the Catholic School Council.  To obtain a hard copy of the nomination form, please contact the school at 289-451-2293. Please ensure that you respond before 3:00 pm on Wednesday, September 27, 2023 with your nomination/s.

Additional Information: 

Blessed Chiara Badano Catholic School Council members are people of good will who have a special commitment to their child’s school. The members of the Council shall:

 ¨ Place the overall interests of the school and the students first

¨ Participate in council meetings

-Take on an active role in a school committee, such as Hot Lunch

¨ Participate in information and training programs

¨ Act as a link between the council and the community

¨ Encourage the participation of all parents and individuals within the school community

¨ Seek to reach consensus in the decision-making process of the council

¨ Adhere to the YCDSB Catholic School Councils Policy 606

¨ Adhere to the Education Act: Ontario Regulation 612/00 School Councils and Parent Involvement Committees; Ontario Regulation 613/00 Operation of Schools; Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; Ontario Ministry of Education School Councils: A Guide for  Members, 2001, Revised 2002

Parent representatives must have a child(ren) enrolled at Blessed Chiara Badano. Teacher and the staff representative must work at Blessed Chiara Badano. Board employees are eligible for the position of parent representatives on the school council, except for the council of the school at which they work. 


Elections will take place in person at the school library on Monday October 3rd 2023 starting at 6:30 pm.  The membership of a Catholic School Council shall not exceed 25 parents. If we have 25 nominations or less than 25 parents coming forward for nomination, there will not be a need for an election. All candidates will be acclaimed.  Nominations close on Wednesday September 27th at 3:00pm.  Once the nomination date is passed, parents will be notified of the number of nominations and the ensuing process.


Looking forward to a great school year building new traditions together!